Spending your day in Perth is easy and a little bit difficult at the same time. Difficult because there are lots of things you can do that you might not accomplish them in a day and might leave you confused on what choices will you make.

To start with, why not have a WA flight experience as you climb aboard a Boeing 747 flight Simulator? A 30min to 90min flight is already thrilling for anyone. You might also explore Perth and Fremantle on a scenic captain Cook Cruise or pamper in Swan Valley. Swan jet Adventures awaits you for an experience in the Swan River like never before. Perth zoo allows you to go on safari, delve on rainforests and discover diversity of landscapes in Australian Walkabout.

Try also skydiving express, or visiting Echoes at Willow Pond to relax in an ancient wisdom-inspired place. There are many things to do in Perth that you might love to engage to. Discover more and spend your days in Perth Summer.

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